Carsharing services allow members to “check out” a car when you need one for a set amount of time. You pay based on how long you use the car, with no additional charge for gas or insurance.

They are great options for people who seldom need a car, or for families who have one car but occasionally need a second set of wheels.

Zipcar and IGO both have dedicated vehicles for members that are parked in fixed locations. Once you join, you check out the cars online or with your smart phone for a specific time window. You have to return the car to the same location when you are done.

You can find Bronzeville Zipcar and IGO car locations on the Go Bronzeville Walk Bike & Ride Map (PDF).

RelayRides and Getaround are peer-to-peer carsharing companies, which means that people can rent out their cars to other members, setting their own prices. Members who rent cars through the service are covered by insurance while renting cars. You must pick up and return the car to the owner’s location. If you own a car, you can earn money through these services while you are not using your car.